Top Sources and Journalists Cited on Metacurity

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The first in this series comes from the consistently top-ranked journalist Catalin Cimpanu.

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How to Interpret Our Rankings

Our rankings are based on the frequency of how often each publication or journalist “leads” the news on a particular cybersecurity development. This frequency calculation does not necessarily correlate with which publication or journalist broke the news or produced the highest quality article.

Some of the best publications and journalists don’t rate high in our rankings because their reports take time to produce and aren’t as frequent. Some of the publications and journalists who break news stories don’t always provide the most insightful pieces on the story.

Still, our top sources tables should be useful to help cybersecurity professionals, public relations representatives, and anyone else interested in following cybersecurity news find the right resources to follow via feeds, twitter and Metacurity’s own website.

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Top Sources for Lead Entries on Metacurity
April 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018
PublicationRSS FeedNum.%
Bleeping ComputerBleeping Computer357.4%
Ars TechnicaArs Technica255.3%
New York TimesNew York Times214.4%
Washington PostWashington Post163.4%
The GuardianThe Guardian143.0%
The RegisterThe Register143.0%
Associated PressAssociated Press102.1%
BBC NewsBBC News91.9%
Krebs on SecurityKrebs on Security81.7%
The VergeThe Verge81.7%
Venture BeatVenture Beat81.7%
The HillThe Hill71.5%
Wall Street JournalWall Street Journal61.3%
The Hacker NewsThe Hacker News51.1%
Australian Broadcasting CorporationAustralian Broadcasting Corporation20.4%
Business InsiderBusiness Insider20.4%
Investors Business DailyInvestors Business Daily20.4%
The InterceptThe Intercept20.4%
The Next WebThe Next Web20.4%
USA TodayUSA Today20.4%

The Most Frequently Cited Journalists in Lead Slot
April 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018
Catalin Cimpanu@campuscodi347.19%Bleeping Computer
Dan Goodin@dangoodin001153.17%Ars Technica
Zack Whittaker@zackwhittaker122.54%ZDNet
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai@lorenzofb102.11%Motherboard
Brian Krebs@briankrebs81.69%Krebs on Security
Joseph Cox@josephfcox91.90%Motherboard
Andy Greenberg@a_greenberg71.48%Wired
Charlie Osborne@SecurityCharlie61.27%ZDNet
Liam Tung@LiamT61.27%ZDNet
Chris Bing@Bing_Chris61.27%Cyberscoop
Patrick Howell O'Neill@howelloneill61.27%Cyberscoop
Sean Lyngaas@snlyngaas61.27%Cyberscoop
Alfred Ng@alfredwkng51.06%CNET
Dustin Volz@dnvolz51.06%Reuters
Lily Hay Newman@lilyhnewman51.06%Wired
MORGAN CHALFANT@mchalfant1651.06%The Hill
Paul Sawers@psawers51.06%Venture Beat
Thomas Fox-Brewster@iblametom51.06%Forbes
Danny Palmer@dannyjpalmer51.06%ZDNet
Cyrus Farivar@cfarivar40.85%Ars Technica
Dell Cameron@dellcameron40.85%Gizmodo
Tom Warren@tomwarren40.85%The Verge
Ellen Nakashima@nakashimae40.85%The Washington Post
Joseph Menn@josephmenn30.63%Reuters
David Meyer@superglaze30.63%Fortune
David Shephardson@davidshepardson30.63%Reuters
Ian Barker@IanDBarker30.63%BetaNews
Josh Constine@Josh Constine30.63%TechCrunch
Laila Kearney@LailaKearney30.63%Reuters
Peter Bright@DrPizza30.63%Ars Technica
Sarah Frier@SarahFrier30.63%Bloomberg
Sean Gallagher@thepacketrat30.63%Ars Technica
Simon Sharwood@ssharwood30.63%The Register
Swati Khandelwal@Swati_THN30.63%The Hacker News
Thomas Claburn@ThomasClaburn30.63%The Register
David Ingram@David_Ingram20.42%Reuters
Brian Barrett@brbarret20.42%Wired
Chance Miller@chancehmiller20.42%9to5Mac
Chloe Aiello@chlobo_ilo20.42%CNBC
Craig Timberg@craigtimberg20.42%Washington Post
Tony Romm@tonyromm20.42%Washington Post
David Sanger@SangerNYT20.42%New York Times
Dean Takahashi@deantak20.42%Venture Beat
Derek Johnson@DerekDoesTech20.42%FCW
Eric Geller@EricGeller20.42%Politico
Ewen MacAskill@EwenMacAskill20.42%The Guardian
John Biggs@JohnBiggs20.42%TechCrunch
Joseph Marks@Joseph_Marks_20.42%NextGov
Joseph Menn@JosephMenn20.42%Reuters
Josh Gerstein@JoshGerstein20.42%Politico
Kat Hall@KatHall4220.42%The Register
Laura Hautala@lhautala20.42%CNET
Mishaal Rahman@mishaalrahman20.42%xda developers
Natasha Lomas@riptari20.42%TechCrunch
Neer Varshney@neer_varshney20.42%The Next Web
Derke Hawkins@D_Hawk20.42%Washington Post
Rhett Jones@rhettjonez20.42%Gizmodo
Richard Chirgwin@r_chirgwin20.42%The Register
Russell Brandom@russelllbrandom20.42%The Verge
Samuel Gibbs@samuelgibbs20.42%The Guardian
Rachel Weiner@rachelweiner20.42%Washington Post