Cynthia Brumfield  
This Version of Metacurity is on Hiatus While We Move to a New Format

By Cynthia Brumfield,

I started Metacurity five years ago to solve a problem that folks in the cybersecurity world complained about – information overload. I developed a system for sifting through thousands of news articles continuously throughout the day, picking the top news items and clustering the relevant news (and later tweets) around a single paragraph summary. I listened to dozens of podcasts to pick out the ones that seemed cool and made room for them on the site too.

These past five years have been a challenge and a lot of fun at times. But these years have made no financial sense, despite the five, six, or even seven hours per day, sometimes seven days a week Metacurity has required. Plus, the hosting and development costs have run into the thousands each year.

Therefore, Metacurity is on hiatus, likely until after Labor Day, as we develop a new newsletter format that will feature original analysis and writing. Sign up to get status updates on this new version of Metacurity. And send any ideas for original reporting or analysis or musings to

I will also continue writing for various outlets, including CSO Online, and am working on a few investigative projects destined for the new newsletter, plus a book project that I’ve been working on for two years.

Finally, I’m working on setting up a lightly edited but mostly automated page that delivers the same clustered news (without the summaries) that has been the main feature of Metacurity since the beginning. That page will be updated once per day, reflecting the top news stories of the previous 24 hours, and will be accessible behind a paywall.  Sign up for the newsletter to get updates on this feature too.

Stay tuned. I don’t know how this will all work yet but as soon as I do, you’ll know too.

I want to thank all the supporters of Metacurity these past five years. Be safe and be sane out there.