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Metacurity started in its current format over three years ago with the goal of creating a one-stop information security news destination that aggregates, clusters and summarizes the most compelling developments (and podcasts) of the day so that busy professionals can quickly check out what’s happening in their world.

Over the past four years, we have spent thousands of dollars each year on website development and hosting. We have done so without regard to how we are going to justify this experiment financially and we’ve done well by that standard. We’ve grown our audience into thousands of visitors per month and around 500 monthly listeners on our Alexa app.

Now we need your financial support to continue growing and helping to serve the information security community. That’s why we have crafted four ways for you to help and for us to help you. It’s a win-win.

Donate Now: One way you can help is to simply donate to us. For less than a proverbial cup of coffee, you will be doing your part to help Metacurity survive. Please visit our Support Us page to make a one-time or recurring donation.

Become a Patron:  Another way to help is to become a patron via our Patreon campaign, which has multiple levels of support. Become a patron and earn visibility and lots of goodwill from your infosec peers and even get a great Metacurity sticker,* among other rewards, including access to our exclusive database of cybersecurity venture capital deals, and our weekly reports on the top five most-read items on Metacurity.

Post Your Job Offering: Yet another way to support Metacurity can also help you find hard-to-reach tech talent. In March, Metacurity launched an information security employment destination that features thousands of cybersecurity jobs, continually updated to offer job seekers the latest and best opportunities in the field. Our destination also features the ability for companies to highlight their own vacancies as well as become a spotlight employer who makes a strong impression. We’ll further promote any jobs on the main Metacurity site as well as tweet the positions to our Twitter followers. For more information, contact us at

Become a Site Sponsor:  Finally, you can support Metacurity and promote your own company, event or product by becoming a site sponsor. We now have three sponsorship slots available on our website – a banner across the top, an ad availability that appears under the Latest News section, and a space that sponsors who offer podcasts can occupy under our Podcasts section.

We’re open to a host of ideas beyond these options, including the creation of custom solutions to help you gain visibility among top tier infosec professionals. Feel free to contact us at to discuss any ideas you might have.

Cheers, and stay safe and stay sane out there.

*Anyone who gives us money can have as many stickers as they want. They’re super-cool…