Cybersecurity Venture Deals Database

Venture capitalists are pouring billions into the cybersecurity sector. Venture funding deals have already reached nearly a total of $6.6 billion during 2019 and continued its hot streak during the early days of 2020.

According to our data, the investments by broad categories of information security activity during the year broke down as follows:

Cybersecurity Venture Capital Investments by Category, 2019 
Authentication and identity management $897,500,000
Training $418,000,000
IoT/connected devices $411,900,000
Risk assessment and asset management $398,050,000
Privacy $395,200,000
Behavioral and security analytics $338,700,000
Cloud security $349,180,000
Threat detection/monitoring $339,700,000
Network security $300,500,000
Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) $300,100,000
Email security $215,348,000
Anomaly detection $200,000,000
Fraud prevention $191,000,000
General cybersecurity services $158,200,000
Backup and recovery $147,000,000
Threat assessment/penetration testing $120,500,000
Other $120,000,000
Developer security $117,600,000
Applications security $116,530,000
Cryptocurrency/blockchain protection $107,000,000
Compliance $99,400,000
Vulnerability assessment $85,000,000
Insurance $83,300,000
Asset protection $79,500,000
Automotive/transportation $69,500,000
Advertising security $62,600,000
Secure storage $62,000,000
Managed security $55,000,000
Bug bounties $36,400,000
Website and web applications protection $34,600,000
Zero-trust networking and technology $34,000,000
Data loss protection $25,500,000
DFIR - Digital Forensics and Incident Response $20,200,000
Diagnostics $17,600,000
Breach intelligence $15,000,000
Encrypted services $14,900,000
Automated software testing $12,700,000
Industrial controls/critical infrastructure $12,300,000
Supply chain security $10,000,000
Quantum security $3,400,000
Intelligence sharing $3,000,000
Weapons systems $2,500,000
Source: Metacurity's Venture Capital Database, available to Patreon supporters

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