About Us

Metacurity is a central location for cybersecurity news and intelligence. We sift through the booming and unmanageable mounds of daily and often repetitive news articles, alerts, emails and analyses of the safety, security and resiliency of the digitally interconnected world. Metacurity presents that sifted information in a clean and continuously updated format, offering headlines and summaries that can be scanned rapidly.

We rely on hundreds of sources dedicated to computer, digital and network security technology, as well as ongoing monitoring of several hundred general sources of news and information. Starting in October 2015, Metacurity incorporated our own algorithmic system for scanning these resources and using maching learning technology, devised a system for prioritizing and clustering the most important cybersecurity developments. In short, Metacurity delivers a one-stop location to ease cybersecurity information overload.

Useful and easy to present podcasts are in the middle column of the page. We further provide a frequently updated list of cybersecurity events (of which there are thousands each year across the globe) in table format to make it easier to scroll down and gain a quick sense of what, when and where important cybersecurity events take place.

We hope that you find Metacurity useful. We have plans to add features, new sources and different types of information. If you have suggestions for changes or content that you would like to see, contact us and give us feedback.


About Us

Metacurity is a project of DCT Associates, an independent analyst practice headed by Cynthia Brumfield, a veteran analyst. Backed by extensive experience in the cable, telecommunications, content, technology, utility and publishing fields, Ms. Brumfield has authored dozens of studies, white papers and analyses for top-tier firms and various legal and public policy-related clients, and has led teams of financial, economic and regulatory experts on complex advisory projects.

She has also pioneered a number of publications, including Broadband Daily, launched in 1999 and later sold to a major publisher. In the early days of blogging she co-founded a popular blog called IP Democracy, focused on the intersection of Internet Protocol technology and public policy.

Since 2012 she has focused almost exclusively on the emerging field of information security, writing extensively for private clients, her own blog and CSO Magazine, which commissioned Ms. Brumfield to produce a series of articles tracking the development of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. In 2016, she produced a guide to cybersecurity for the nation’s radio and television broadcasters, β€œThe Essential Guide to Cybersecurity
for Broadcasters,” along with a concise, plain English companion guide β€œ35 Critical Cybersecurity Activities Every Broadcaster Should Know.” In addition, she continues to work privately with consulting clients.

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