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July 26, 2019
Ben Grubb / Sydney Morning Herald

Ben Grubb / Sydney Morning Herald  
National Australia Bank Notifies 13,000 Customers of Security Breach Exposing Personal Data, Two Contractors Uploaded Information Without Authorization

National Australia Bank (NAB) began contacting about 13,000 customers on Friday night to advise them of a security breach involving customer names, dates of birth, contact details and in some cases, a government-issued identification number, such as driver’s license numbers. In a statement, NAB said the breach occurred when the customers’ personal information was uploaded, without authorization, to the servers of two data service companies. The two service companies deleted the data within two hours of being notified. NAB said none of its own systems were affected and that no log-in details or passwords have been compromised.

October 1, 2019
Melissa Cunningham, Noel Towell and Zach Hope / Sydney Morning Herald

Melissa Cunningham, Noel Towell and Zach Hope / Sydney Morning Herald  
Major Regional Hospitals in Victoria, Australia Hit by Suspected Ransomware Attack, Appointments and Non-Urgent Care Disrupted

A suspected ransomware attack hit some major regional hospitals in Victoria, Australia, shutting down booking systems and sparking fears over patient information security. The health services targeted in the attack include Gippsland Health Alliance and South West Alliance of Rural Health, encompassing hospitals in Warrnambool, Colac, Geelong, Warragul, Sale, and Bairnsdale and services in smaller towns. Premier Daniel Andrews said it is too early to tell if the attack compromised patient records but that no ransom demands or threats have emerged.  He also said that it could take weeks to restore the affected systems and to expect some disruptions to outpatient appointments and non-urgent care.


September 16, 2019
Colin Packham / Reuters

Colin Packham / Reuters  
Australian Signals Directorate Attributed Cyberattacks on Parliament, Political Parties to China but Report Kept Under Wraps to Avoid Disrupting Trade Relations

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) concluded in a classified report last March that China was responsible for a cyber-attack on its national parliament and three largest political parties before the general election in May, according to five sources. The report, which also included input from the Department of Foreign Affairs, recommended keeping the findings secret in order to avoid disrupting trade relations with Beijing, according to two of the sources. The attack on parliament was revealed last February with authorities at that time saying an unnamed sophisticated attacker was the culprit. The ASD also determined that the attackers accessed the networks of the ruling Liberal party, its coalition partner the rural-based Nationals, and the opposition Labor party, two of the sources said.

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The Guardian: China blamed for cyber attack on parliament in February, sources say – politics live
The Register – Security: Australia didn’t blame China for parliament hack in case it upset trade relations – report

@kevincollier: Good on Reuters for getting multiple sources to sources to confirm that Australia's intelligence is positive China was behind its political hack earlier this year, but wasn't China's involvement long all but formally confirmed?

October 3, 2019
Ryan Mac, Joseph Bernstein / Buzzfeed News

Ryan Mac, Joseph Bernstein / Buzzfeed News  
U.S., UK and Australian Officials Will Ask Facebook CEO to Delay Plans for End-to-End Messaging Encryption, New Data Sharing Between U.S. and UK Law Enforcement Slated for Announcement

Attorney General Bill Barr, along with officials from the United Kingdom and Australia, will publish an open letter, dated October 4, to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, asking the company to delay plans for end-to-end encryption across its messaging services until it can guarantee the added privacy does not reduce public safety. The letter is slated to be released at the same time as an announcement of a new data-sharing agreement between law enforcement in the US and the UK. The other signatories to the letter include UK Home Secretary Priti Patel, US Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan, and Australian Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton. The letter raises concerns that Facebook’s plan to build end-to-end encryption into its messaging apps will prevent law enforcement agencies from finding illegal activity conducted through Facebook, including child sexual exploitation, terrorism, and election meddling. It asks Facebook to let aw enforcement gain access to illegal content in a manageable format, and by consulting with governments ahead of time to ensure the changes will allow this access. Reuters separately reported that the new pact between the U.S. and the UK would fast track requests from law enforcement to technology companies for information about the communications of terrorists and child abusers.

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Reuters: Exclusive: U.S., UK to sign deal to get data faster from tech firms in security cases
New York Times: Barr Pushes Facebook for Access to WhatsApp Messages
Sydney Morning Herald : US, UK and Australia urge Facebook not to encrypt messages
Channel News Asia: US, allies urge Facebook not to encrypt messages as they fight child abuse, terrorism
Firstpost: U.S., allies urge Facebook not to encrypt messages as they fight child abuse, terrorism
BuzzFeed – Tech: “We are writing to request that Facebook does not proceed with its plan to implement end-to-end encryption across its messaging services without ensuring that there is no reduction to user safety.”
Engadget: DOJ will ask Facebook to halt end-to-end encryption plans
The Hill: Cybersecurity: Barr urging Facebook to halt plans for encrypted messages
CNBC: Here is AG Barr’s full letter to Facebook asking it not to make messages completely secret US, UK and Australia urge Facebook to halt plan to encrypt all user messages
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Fortune: AG Bill Barr, U.K., and Australian Justice Officials Want Facebook to Halt End-to-End Encryption Plan
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Justice Department: Attorney General Barr Signs Letter to Facebook From US, UK, and Australian Leaders Regarding Use of End-To-End Encryption
Justice Department: U.S. And UK Sign Landmark Cross-Border Data Access Agreement to Combat Criminals and Terrorists Online
Wall Street Journal: Barr Presses Facebook on Encryption, Setting Up Clash Over Privacy

@RMac18: Here's what Zuckerberg predicted about this fight back in July according to the leaked Facebook meeting audio obtained by @CaseyNewton
@RMac18: We were able to see a draft open letter from Bill Barr (and officials in the UK and Oz) to Mark Zuckerberg asking for Facebook to halt the roll out of e2e encryption across its apps. This may get ugly.
@mikeisaac: this barr encryption memo is a bfd
@alfredwkng: On a DoJ call, government official comments on the letter: "There are very significant concerns that law enforcement officials have if Facebook were to end-to-end encrypt all communications on its platforms"
@julianbarnes: Justice Department, backed by the UK, Australia, seeks backdoor to WhatsApp, Facebook encrypted messages. With @ktbenner @MikeIsaac
@teddyschleifer: Facebook statement on the Barr memo.
@ktbenner: AG Bill Barr and other SR officials in Australia and the UK call on Facebook to build a backdoor in WhatsApp for law enforcement/to halt a plan for end to end encryption across all FB properties
@Bing_Chris: The Barr letter to Facebook is a big deal. Government now openly discouraging proliferation of end-to-end encryption
@donie: US Attorney William Barr, as well as senior government officials from the UK and Australia, are formally asking Facebook give up on its plan to encrypt user messages across its platforms, @kevincollier reports
@willsommer: The press conference is being drowned by out by Chumbawamba. Jacob tells the security guard to remove a heckler, but the guard appears to refuse on the grounds that the man is on public property.
@kevincollier: UK official on this DOJ encryption call rn says we need to move on from the term "backdoor," though we still don't see a real way to have E2E and lawful access. These govs have been calling E2E "warrant-proof encryption."
@RMac18: We now have the full letter from Bill Barr and others to Mark Zuckerberg in our story.
@alfredwkng: A UK government official just referenced GCHQ's proposal for access to encrypted messages -- which Apple, Google, Microsoft and FB slammed in May.The pitch was: secretly add police into encrypted conversations, so they could view messages while hidden
@nytimes: Attorney General William Barr and his British and Australian counterparts are set to push Facebook for a back door to its end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp and other messaging platforms, which would give investigators access to now-secret communication
@BrendanBordelon: Hoo boy. AG Bill Barr is set to call on Facebook to delay encryption plans, and he's got backup from the UK and Australia. A new battle in the encryption wars looks dangerously close to kicking off.
@jank0: Also, isn't it a bit odd that Facebook would launch a new messaging app without end-to-end encryption half a year after Mark Zuckerberg wrote a 3000 word manifesto about encrypted messaging?
@snowden: Oh hey, turns out it's even worse; it's more than just #WhatsApp, it's all FB-owned messaging: "Attorney General William P. Barr is set to press @Facebook on Friday to create a so-called back door to its end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp ***AND OTHER MESSAGING PLATFORMS***"
@Bing_Chirs: Meh.. I think it’s different in style and substance. The overarching encryption fight is repetitive and cyclical, obviously. However, 3/5 five eyes writing a letter to Facebook asking them to abandon encryption plans feels different... no?
@zackwhittaker: A crypto reality check talk by @RonWyden on the USG's plan to backdoor WhatsApp.
@mattblaze: So about this “warrantless encryption” thing. We’ve been here before.The first time was way back in 1993, a time when the Internet was just starting to gain widespread traction and concerns about privacy and information security were on the cusp of entering the mainstream. 1/

July 30, 2019
Tami Abdollah / Associated Press

Tami Abdollah / Associated Press  
CISA Issues Security Alert for Small Planes Warning of CAN Bus Vulnerability That Would Allow Attacker to Manipulate Engine Readings, Compass Data and More

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA), an arm of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), issued a security alert for small planes, warning that modern flight systems have a  security vulnerability that if someone manages to gain physical access to the aircraft, could allow an attacker to manipulate engine readings, compass data, altitude, and other readings. The alert was issued after cybersecurity firm, Rapid7, found that an attacker could potentially disrupt electronic messages transmitted across a small plane’s network, for example by attaching a small device to its wiring, that would affect aircraft systems. The flaw lies in open electronics systems known as “the CAN bus” which operate like a small plane’s nervous system. The agency said it independently confirmed the security flaw with outside partners and a national research laboratory and decided it was necessary to issue the warning. Rapid 7 only studied small planes because their systems are easier for researchers to acquire and larger planes must meet more stringent and complex cybersecurity requirements.

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September 2, 2019
Joel Schectman / Reuters

Joel Schectman / Reuters  
Telegram Will Issue Update That Allows Users to Cloak Phone Numbers in Effort to Protect Hong Kong Protesters, Source

Popular encrypted messaging app Telegram will allow users to cloak their telephone numbers to safeguard Hong Kong protesters against monitoring by authorities, according to a person with direct knowledge of the effort. The update will allow protesters to prevent mainland Chinese and Hong Kong authorities from discovering their identities in the app’s large group chats. Thousands of protestors in Hong Kong have taken their cues from more than 100 groups on Telegram.

August 31, 2019
Brian Barrett / Wired

Brian Barrett / Wired  
Anonymous Hacker Compromised Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Account Through SIM Swapping and Tweeted String of Racist Messages, Bomb Threats

An anonymous hacker took over Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account for 20 minutes and used it to send out a string of racist messages and bomb threats. A group that calls itself the “Chuckle Gang,” which has broken into other high-profile Twitter accounts before, apparently broke into the @jack account at 3:45 pm and sent out dozens of tweets and retweets. Other who have been attacked by these hackers blamed so-called SIM swap attacks, with a particular focus on AT&T and Twitter confirmed that Dorsey’s breach was a SIM swap as well. It’s unclear, however, how Dorsey was able to regain access to his account so quickly if the attack was a result of a SIM swap.

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THE INQUIRER: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gets his Twitter account hacked Hey Jack, How Was Your Account Hacked?
iTnews – Security: Twitter CEO’s hacked account sends racist tweets before being secured Twitter CEO’s Account Hacked, Defaced With Racist Posts Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account sends out pro-Nazi tweets after being hacked

August 5, 2019
Julia Carrie Wong / The Guardian

Julia Carrie Wong / The Guardian  
Cloudflare Terminates Far-Right, Violence-Oriented 8chan Following Walmart Massacre in El Paso, CEO Calls Site ‘Lawless’

Internet security and cloud service provider Cloudflare announced it is terminating as a client far-right, violence and hate-oriented forum 8chan, which is used to distribute racist and white nationalist manifestos prior to mass shootings, including this weekend’s deadly shooting in El Paso. Cloudflare’s decision could doom 8chan’s chances of survival given that it has been protecting the forum from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and the site is a likely target for internet vigilantes. Although shortly after the El Paso shooting Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince said his company had a “moral obligation” to keep servicing 8chan, he ultimately reversed course,  saying in a blog post “they have proven themselves to be lawless and that lawlessness has caused multiple tragic deaths.”

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WA Today : 8Chan: the website that hosts terrorist propaganda and is linked to mass shootings
Mashable: Why the hell is 8chan still online?
Sydney Morning Herald: 8chan cut loose by security firm for ‘hate-filled’ content
Joseph Cox – VICE: Cloudflare Boots 8chan as a Customer
Reuters: Cloudflare terminates 8chan as customer on ‘hate-filled’ content: CEO
Daily Beast: 8chan Loses Cloudflare Protection After El Paso Shooting
Slashdot: Cloudflare Terminates 8chan After Shootings, Cloudflare Pulls Plug on 8chan
TechCrunch: Cloudflare will stop service to 8chan, which CEO Matthew Prince describes as a “cesspool of hate”
VICE News: Cloudflare Says It Won’t Ban 8chan, a Hotbed for Terrorist Manifestos
The Verge: Cloudflare to revoke 8chan’s service, opening the fringe website up for DDoS attacks
CloudFlare: Terminating Service for 8Chan
Gizmodo: The Dirty Business of Hosting Hate Online

@juliacarriew: Here’s my story on 8chan’s links to El Paso, Poway and Christchurch, including an interview with @Cloudflare CEO @eastdakota about why he considers keeping the site in Cloudflare’s network a “moral obligation”
@ruskin147: bellingcat on 8chan and El Paso: . “Until law enforcement, and the media, treat these shooters as part of a terrorist movement no less organized, or deadly, than ISIS or Al Qaeda, the violence will continue. “
@donie: APRIL: 73 minutes before the deadly shooting at Congregation Chabad synagogue in Poway, California, someone identifying himself as the supect in that attack posted a link to a hate-speech-filled manifesto hyperlinked on 8chan.
@donie: MARCH: Before the mass shooting in Christchurchan an account believed to belong to the gunman posted a link to white nationalist manifesto on 8chan. Post included a link to the gunman's Facebook page, where he said he would later broadcast the attack live.
@tarah: The moral of this commentary: Prince couldn’t just say “8chan is disgusting and we don’t want to work with them.”He had to frame this as a larger moral standard...because there *isn’t* actually a regulatory framework by which he must abide.
@tarah: CloudFlare terminates 8chan as a customer, citing “Rule of Law”—not US law, but philosophical concept. As a corporate infosec exec, I’ve dealt w multiple competing regulatory environments. I’m concerned that the word “jurisdiction” doesn’t appear here.(link:…
@tarah: CloudFlare flatly says that 8chan “may not have violated the letter of the law”—the letter of the law is what we work with, here. Not the spirit.Companies do what’s in their interest and in the interest of shareholders, and avoiding civil torts is precisely that.
@nkulw: I’ve always found Cloudflare to have the most interesting and least corporate-speak statements on internet hate. Their 8chan statement is really worth reading. (link:…
@donie: Would 8chan even come to the table? And if it did, wouldn’t someone set up another place where this stuff will be shared?
@donie: If the manifesto in 8chan is indeed from the El Paso suspect, it’ll be at least the third atrocity this year where a suspect has posted to 8chan in advance of an attack
@d_hawk: “Once again, a terrorist used 8chan to spread his message as he knew people would save it and spread it... The board is a receptive audience for domestic terrorists.”
@slpng_giants: Fucking WOW.@eastdakota , CEO of @Cloudflare , says that continuing to do business with 8Chan, where three white supremacist shooters have posted their screeds and were cheered on by other users is a “moral responsibility”.What a statement.
@iblametom: Why action on 8chan from @cloudflare is very unlikely (link:…
@riskybusiness: White supremacist terrorists are able to reliably organise and disseminate this shit widely thanks to @Cloudflare and its investors, led most recently by @Fidelity .This is getting worse, it’s spreading, and I worry about my (not white) family. Fuck you very much, @Cloudflare !
@donie: And here’s why 8chan isn’t going anywhere.
@infinitechan: Some of you might’ve read the @Cloudflare news already. They're dropping 8chan. (link:… There might be some downtime in the next 24-48 hours while we find a solution (that includes our email so timely compliance with law enforcement requests may be affected).
@kevinroose: Cloudflare debated what to do about 8chan all day. Here is (part of) @eastdakota 's rationale for banning the site, in the end. (link:…
@josephfcox: The lack of coherence at Cloudflare’s top levels is pretty stark. Talk to general counsel, say they won’t ban unless illegal, concerned about operating at scale. CEO eventually decides to pull plug on 8chan himself after debating all day.
@tarah: See, CloudFlare *absolutely* has the right to terminate any customer they wish. They’re a private company and I strongly agree with Prince that they can choose their customers.However, I find it more likely that CloudFlare terminated 8chan for *liability*, not lawlessness.
@aprilaser: The El Paso shooter followed the playbook of posting his manifesto on 8chan before opening fire. I wrote about how 8chan came to be so deeply intertwined with the project of forming a white ethnostate
@beccalew: Cloudflare's statement about kicking off 8chan is.....very strange. it seems designed purely to eschew responsibility if 8chan takes a big hit. The Daily Stormer is decidedly NOT thriving, they are hanging on by a thread (and that's a good thing!).
@tarah: Nowhere in the PCI/SOC2/ISO# checklists does the box “don’t service violent hatemongers” exist.I salute CloudFlare for terminating 8chan. However, the legal framework for violence prevention that Prince is speaking around does not actually exist in corporate America.
@travis_view: 8chan's admin says that the site will be moving to "another service."The most likely candidate for the other service is @EpikDotCom , which serves at the registar for Gab.
@eastdakota: We just sent notice we are terminating service for 8chan. There comes a time when enough is enough. But this isn't the end. We need to have a broader conversation about addressing the root causes of hate online.
@KELLYWEILL: NEW: The racist lie behind the El Paso terrorist attack, via @kellyweill
@asankin: Cloudflare may have kicked 8chan off its service, but I found that it still takes money for DDoS protection from 56 other hate groups
@cwarzel: the speed with which tech cos change after a bad PR cycle seems like solid proof that none of this is abt principles but abt trying to keep from making hard choices as long as possible. earlier today they argued that keeping 8chan within its network is a “moral obligation”

August 9, 2016
Kate Aubusson / Sydney Morning Herald

Kate Aubusson / Sydney Morning Herald  
Australian Census Site Hit With Four Attacks By Foreign Hackers, ABS

The Australian Census website was brought down today, the deadline for census form completion, by four attacks attributed to foreign hackers, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Although the nature of the attacks are uncertain, many cybersecurity specialists say they were probably DDoS attacks. Australia’s Census Bureau has come under criticism for plans to pursue opt-out online form submission and to maintain personal data for four years rather than 18 months.

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Wall Street Journal: Australia’s Online Census Brought Down by Cyberattacks
IT Web : Australia’s controversial census in chaos : Michael McCormack maintains census outage was ‘much ado about nothing’ Census Boycott Gathers Momentum Amid Australia Privacy Concerns
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September 23, 2016

The Long Reach of the Yahoo Breach: Worry About Flickr, Tumblr, Other Yahoo Sites

The just emerging implications of the massive Yahoo breach are vast, starting with the fact that other Yahoo-owned properties such as Flickr, Tumblr and fantasy football site have likely also been compromised. Experts are advising any users of other Yahoo-owned properties also change passwords for accounts with those sites as well.
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