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June 22, 2019
Jon Porter / The Verge

Jon Porter / The Verge  
Amazon Lands Patent to Offer ‘Surveillance as a Service’ Using Its Delivery Drones

In a patent application that was originally filed in June 2015 and became public earlier this month after the patent was granted, Amazon outlines how its unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones could keep an eye on customers’ property between deliveries while supposedly maintaining their privacy by offering “surveillance as a service.” The patent describes how the company’s drones could be hired to look out for open garage doors, broken windows, graffiti, or a fire, before alerting the owner of the property. Amazon suggests in the patent that customers would be allowed to pay for visits on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, and that drones could be equipped with night vision cameras and microphones to expand their sensing capabilities.

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June 17, 2019
Jon Porter / The Verge

Jon Porter / The Verge  
Samsung Issues Then Deletes Tweet Telling QLED TV Owners to Run Virus Scans

Samsung issued a tweet with a video demonstration saying that owners of QLED TVs should run scans for viruses using its built-in scanning software but then deleted the tweet. Although Samsung’s reason for issuing the tweet is unclear, Wikileaks in 2017 revealed that the CIA had developed a piece of software called “Weeping Angel” that was capable of turning Samsung’s smart TVs into listening devices and a month later a security researcher found 40 vulnerabilities in Samsung’s smart TV operating system.

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February 18, 2020
Jon Porter / The Verge

Jon Porter / The Verge  
Following High-Profile Hacker Intrusions, Ring Will Mandate Two-Factor Authentication for Camera Logins

In the wake of several high-publicized hacker intrusions into Ring camera devices, the Amazon-owned Ring will mandate a second layer of security by requiring users to enter a one-time six-digit code sent via email or SMS whenever they try and log in to see the state of their indoor and outdoor cameras. In a new security and privacy policy, Ring is also introducing new options for users to control when their data is shared with other companies. Following the recent privacy and security scandals, critics point out that Ring didn’t warn users when a new device or browser logs into their account, and that two-factor authentication wasn’t turned on by default. Ring’s Control Center now lets you stop sharing your data with third parties used to create personalized ads. The company is also pausing data sharing with third-party analytics services while it works on a new opt-out option for the feature.

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PCWorld: Ring beefs up its security with mandatory 2FA, suspends third-party trackers in mobile app
How-To Geek: Ring Is Making 2FA Mandatory for All Accounts, Among Other Privacy Changes
Engadget: Ring now requires two-factor sign-ins for its home security devices
Ring: Extra Layers of Security and Control

@fightfortheftr: 1) Ring only did this because we called them out on their pathetic security. 2) This does nothing to address the broader concerns. It does nothing to protect Ring owners' neighbors, or their kids, or people who work in their neighborhoods. We need Congress to #InvestigateAmazon
@PrivacyProject: "The changes are Ring’s latest attempt to overcome the privacy and security scandals that have dogged it in recent months," @JonPorty writes in @Verge
@j_opdenakker: After some of the recent incidents it's good to see that Ring mandates 2FA. It's only mail or SMS based at the moment though, but still a lot better than no 2FA. They also *temporarily* paused the use of *most* third-party analytics services #Infosec
@adrs: It's about time (note that this won't solve the many other problems related to Ring): Ring enables mandatory two-factor authentication and new privacy controls in response to scandals via @Verge

July 29, 2019
Emily Flitter and Karen Weise / New York Times

Emily Flitter and Karen Weise / New York Times  
Firewall Misconfiguration by Capital One Allowed Hacker to Steal Millions of Credit Applications, Social Security and Bank Account Numbers Affecting More Than 100 Million People in North America

In one of the largest cases of bank data theft ever, software engineer Paige Thompson hacked into a server holding customer information for Capital One, exploiting a firewall misconfiguration in the bank’s network to steal millions of credit card applications, federal prosecutors say. Thompson, who used the online handle “erratic” was the organizer of a group on Meetup, a social network, called Seattle Warez Kiddies, described as a gathering for “anybody with an appreciation for distributed systems, programming, hacking, cracking.” The F.B.I. noticed her activity on Meetup and used it to trace her other online activities, eventually linking her to posts describing the data theft on Twitter and the Slack messaging service. Thompson stole 140,000 U.S. Social Security numbers and 77,000 bank account numbers, along with one million Canadian social insurance numbers affecting more than 100 million people in the United States and Canada. A“firewall misconfiguration” by the bank had allowed Ms. Thompson to communicate with the server where Capital One was storing its information and, eventually, gain access to customer files, an FBI agent investigating the case said in court documents. Ms. Thompson worked as a systems engineer at Amazon from 2015 to 2016.

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CNN: A hacker gained access to 100 million Capital One credit card applications and accounts
Reuters: Capital One reveals 100M affected by data breach, hacker arrested
Associated Press: Capital One says hacker gained access to personal information of more than 100 million people
Axios: 100 million credit card applications stolen from Capital One
CNBC: Capital One data breach exposes tens of thousands of Social Security numbers, linked bank accounts
NBC News: Over 100 million credit card applicants at risk in Capital One breach, Seattle woman arrested
Politico: Capital One reveals historic data breach after FBI arrests Seattle suspect
Capital One: Capital One Announces Data Security Incident
The Register: Capital One gets Capital Done: Hacker swipes personal info on 106 million US, Canadian credit card applicants
Bloomberg: Capital One Says Breach Hit 100 Million Individuals in U.S.
Washington Post: Capital One says data breach affected 100 million credit card applications
TechCrunch: Capital One’s breach was inevitable, because we did nothing after Equifax
TechCrunch: Capital One hacked, over 100 million customers affected
Wired: THE ALLEGED CAPITAL ONE HACKER DIDN’T COVER HER TRACKS Seattle Tech Worker Arrested for Data Theft Involving Large Financial Services Company
Ars Technica: Feds: former cloud worker hacks into Capital One and takes data for 106 million people
CNET: Capital One data breach involves 100 million credit card applications
Wall Street Journal: Capital One Reports Data Breach Affecting 100 Million Customers, Applicants
The Verge: Massive Capital One breach exposes personal info of 100 million Americans
The Hill: Woman arrested, accused of hacking 100 million Capital One records
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Daily Mail : Ex-tech worker arrested for Capital One hack after stealing data from 100 million customers Woman Arrested in Massive Capital One Data Breach
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CRN: Capital One Breach Exposed Data From 106M Credit Card Applicants, Users Capital One data breach affects 100M credit card applicants Capital One says data breach affected 100 million credit card applications
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BetaNews: Personal details of 106 million Americans and Canadians stolen in huge Capital One data breach
The Verge: Massive Capital One breach exposes personal info of 100 million Americans
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New York Daily News: Capital One hit with data breach affecting some 100 million U.S. customers
New on MIT Technology Review: A hacker stole the personal data of 100 million Capital One customers
FOX News: Capital One data breach exposes info of 106M customers, applicants; suspect arrested
The Hacker News: Capital One Data Breach Affects 106 Million Customers; Hacker Arrested
Help Net Security: Capital One breach: Info on 106 million customers compromised, hacker arrested Capital One data breach hits more than 100 million people
CNBC: Capital One data breach exposes tens of thousands of Social Security numbers, linked bank accounts
Fortune: Hacker May Have Stole Info About Millions of Capital One Customers, U.S. Says
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IT World Canada: Six million Canadians impacted by Capital One data breach
ARN: Capital One: hacker gained access to personal information of over 100 million Americans
The Guardian: Capital One: hacker stole data of over 100m Americans
Ars Technica: Hacker ID’d as former Amazon employee steals data of 106 million people from Capital One
Axios: 100 million credit card applications were stolen from Capital One
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Slashdot: Capital One Says Hacker Breached Accounts of 100 Million People; Ex-Amazon Employee Arrested
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Graham Cluley: Woman arrested after Capital One hack spills personal info on 106 million credit card applicants
Japan Times: Hacker accesses over 100 million Capital One credit applications in massive data breach
Zero Hedge: Capital One Admits Massive Data Breach: 100 Million Americans Affected, Seattle Woman Arrested
Security Affairs: Capital One data breach: hacker accessed details of 106M customers before its arrest
Cyber Kendra: Capital One Suffered Data Breach 106 Million People Affected Cap One Hack Hits 100M Credit Card Applications Paige Adele Thompson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
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Infosecurity Magazine: Capital One Breached by Cloud Insider in Major Attack
Tech Insider: Amazon’s cloud was at the heart of the big Capital One hack, even though it doesn’t seem to be at fault (AMZN, COF)
The State of Security: Woman arrested after Capital One hack spills personal info on 106 million credit card applicants Capital One says data breach affected 100 million credit card applications
Gadgets Now: Capital One hacked, says information of 100 million-plus users leaked
Reuters: Capital One says information of over 100 million individuals in U.S., Canada hacked
BBC News – World: Capital One data breach: Arrest after details of 100m US individuals stolen
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NDTV Capital One Bank Targeted in Massive Data Breach Capital One Data Breach Affects 106 Million People, Suspect Arrested
ITV News: 100 million applications targeted in Capital One bank data breach
RT USA: 100mn+ people’s data exposed in Capital One bank hack, thousands of SSNs & accounts leaked
AOL: Capital One: information of over 100 mln individuals in U.S., Canada hacked
New York Post: Capital One reveals 100M affected by data breach, hacker arrested
EJ Insight: Capital One data breach affects millions in US, Canada
Mercury News: Capital One: Hacker got info on 100M in the US, 6M in Canada
CBC : Hacker obtained personal information of 6 million people in Canada
Deutsche Welle: Capital One data theft: US arrests ‘erratic’ hacker
Gizmodo: Hacker Claims to Be in Possession of Personal Info on Up to 20,000 LAPD Applicants
The Register: Capital One gets Capital Done: Hacker swipes personal info on 106 million US, Canadian credit card applicants
POLITICO: Capital One reveals historic data breach after FBI arrests Seattle suspect
Daily Beast: Tens of Millions of Credit Card Applications Stolen in Capital One Breach
GeekWire: Seattle engineer arrested for Capital One hack that affected 100M people

@zackwhittaker: Wow. Capital One discloses massive data breach: 100M in US, 6M in Canada. One person in FBI custody. Credit files, applications, the lot. Hard to see this as anything other than Equifax 2.0. (link:…
@briankrebs: Nice write up. Yes, this appears to be her resume. Worked at Amazon 2015-2016
@cnbcnow: BREAKING: Capital One says data breach has “affected approximately 100M individuals in the United States & approximately 6M in Canada” but “no credit card account numbers or log-in credentials were“ taken and “99% of Social Security numbers” weren’t stolen
@gregotto: According to the FBI, a firewall misconfiguration was partly responsible for allowing Thompson to access the Capital One cloud storage
@yoda: what kind of wordsmith fuckery is this???
@RepKatiePorter: One week *to the day* after Equifax announced its settlement terms. It’s clear corporations won’t clean up their acts on their own. We need to create an enforceable federal data privacy standard, so I’m drafting that bill.
@zackwhittaker: Incredible. Capital One's data breach site is titled "Facts." And yet it also pulls this bullshit by saying that no Social Security numbers were breached... except for all the Social Security numbers that were breached. Fuck you, Capital One.
@Wired: On Monday, the FBI and Capital One disclosed a data breach of 106 million credit card applications, one of the biggest breaches of a major financial institution ever. And now someone has been arrested in connection with the crime:
@BleepingComputer: The suspect allegedly posted about her accessing of Capital One's data on GitHub. A security researcher saw her post and contacted Capital One.
@kimzetter: This Capital One breach definitely has more going on to it than the headlines suggest. Perhaps not a coordinated vuln disclosure gone wrong ?but something is def weird about it - she used Tor to access the data but then publicly posted the data to an account with her name?
@dnvolz: The arrested suspect behind the hack, Paige Thompson, is a former employee of Amazon Web Services, according to people familiar with the matter. She is accused of breaching a misconfigured Capitol One firewall to access data stored in AWS. via @nicole_hong
@BleepingComputer: This breach was discovered by a security researcher who responsibly disclosed a vulnerability to Capital One. After investigating the vulnerability, Capital One discovered that an unauthorized user accessed their systems and data between March 22 and 23, 2019.
@McGrewSecurity: Located the Capital One hacker's twitter (also thanks to those that backchanneled on the topic). Clearly they were/are in a bad state mentally/emotionally. I've deleted the earlier tweets about her. I hope they find some peace.
@weldpond: The FBI said the suspect, Paige A. Thompson, was apprehended after she “made statements on social media for evidencing the fact that she has information of Capital One, and that she recognizes that she has acted illegally,”
@h0tdish: Insider/ex employee threats and those who willingly commit crimes, creating, selling malware or stealing info via exploit/breach ARE NOT hero's & anyone who frames it that way has to explain why they're not currently launching a legal $ raiser for her but did for other criminals.
@hacks4pancakes: I feel a great disturbance in the Force, like dozens of Capital One cybersecurity analysts who were screaming futilely for into the wind for years were suddenly silenced.
@RayRedacted: I have removed all of my OSINT posts about the Capital One hacker, because it is clear that she is suffering from mental illness. Mental illness does not discriminate. It can affect anyone. I truly hope she gets the help she needs.
@catcalvinla: At this point, I’m getting like two breach notices a day. Who DOESN’T have my info?
@malwarejake: Takeaways from #CapitalOne: 1. Having a disclosure program may have saved them. I'm FAR less likely to report to an org that lacks a disclosure policy. (link:…
@somanyshrimp: Losing your personal information in a massive data breach is just a thing that happens now, like 110 degree days and regular mass shootings
@TorresLuzardo: I'm trying to come up with an analogy but there's really no topping this. No SSNs were stolen except 140,000 of them.

August 15, 2017
Tatiana Siegel , Nyay Bhushan / The Hollywood Reporter

Tatiana Siegel , Nyay Bhushan / The Hollywood Reporter  
Four Men Tied to Third Party Arrested in India For Leaking Game of Thrones Episode

Four men in India have been arrested in India for releasing on August 3 via torrent sites the August 6 episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Unrelated to the major hack that HBO is currently grappling with, the leak had been attributed to HBO’s Indian distribution partner Star India. Star India says the four men are tied to its technology partner, Prime Focus Technologies, which India’s Inspector General of Police confirmed. Three of the men arrested were employees who held technical posts at the firm while the other man arrested was a former employee.

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Business Standard: Game of Thrones leak traced to Prime Focus Technologies
ThreatBrief : Game of Thrones cyber security breach a lesson to us all
IT Pro : A game of keyboards: How businesses can defend themselves in the age of nation-state ransomware
Infosecurity Magazine: Indian Police Arrest Four Over Game of Thrones Leak : Four men arrested in India over ‘Game of Thrones’ leak
CNET: 4 arrested in connection with ‘Game of Thrones’ episode leak
fossBytes: 4 Indians Arrested In Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Leak Case
The Hill: Cybersecurity: Four arrested in India over ‘Game of Thrones’ leak: report
WCCFtech: Insider Job: HBO’s Game of Thrones Episode 4 Wasn’t Leaked by Hackers
The Drum: Four arrested for leaking Game of Thrones episode in India
Ubergizmo: Four Arrested In India For Leaking Game Of Thrones Episode Four Suspects Arrested in India for Leaking Game of Thrones Episode : Game of Thrones Hotstar leak: Indian police arrest 4 people for leaking unaired episode 4 of season 7
TorrentFreak: Game of Thrones Pirates Arrested For Leaking Episode Early
SecurityWeek: Four Arrested in India for Leaking ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode
Mashable: 4 reportedly arrested after ‘Game of Thrones’ episode leaked in India
TIME: Four People Have Been Arrested in India for Leaking a Game of Thrones Episode
HackRead: India arrest 4 for leaking ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode 4 of Season 7
Hindustan Times: Game of Thrones: Mumbai police arrest 4 for leaking episode online

October 23, 2019
Jon Porter / The Verge

Jon Porter / The Verge  
Google Officially Claims ‘Quantum Supremacy’ With Experimental Processor That Takes Minutes to Perform Calculation That Supercomputer Would Require 10,000 Years to Complete

In findings published by many of the company’s scientists, Google says it has officially achieved “quantum supremacy” by successfully using an experimental quantum processor with programmable superconducting qubits to perform a calculation in just a few minutes that would take a traditional supercomputer thousands of years. Google’s Sycamore processor takes about 200 seconds to sample one instance of a quantum circuit a million times – the equivalent task for a state-of-the-art classical supercomputer would take approximately 10,000 years, the scientists say. These findings were leaked a month ago accidentally, but the publication of the paper makes Google’s findings official. IBM, whose super-computer Google beat, disputes Google’s findings, saying the same task could be performed on a classical system in just 2.5 days, rather than the 10,000 years.

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January 8, 2020
Jon Porter / The Verge

Jon Porter / The Verge  
Google’s Project Zero Testing New Policy to Delay Bug Disclosures by Default for 90 Days

Google’s Project Zero cybersecurity team is testing a new policy where it won’t, by default, make security vulnerabilities public early until a full 90 days after discovery, regardless of when the bug has been fixed. Under the old policy, Project Zero’s researchers would give vendors 90 days to fix an issue before making the problem public. But if the bug were fixed within that 90-day window, the researchers would disclose the bug early. The problem with the old policy is that users would have to rush to implement any necessary patches so that hackers couldn’t exploit the reported flaw.

April 15, 2018
BBC News / Tech Tent

BBC News / Tech Tent  
Who’s Watching You Online?

Rory Cellan-Jones, with BBC tech reporter Zoe Kleinman, and special guest Frederike Kaltheuner from Privacy International talk about Mark Zuckerberg’s testimonies before Congress, how much information is collected on users and how deeply how deeply the University of Cambridge is involved in the Facebook data scandal.

April 6, 2018
BBC World Service / Tech Tent

BBC World Service / Tech Tent  
Facebook’s Data Scandal Deepens

Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC tech reporter Chris Foxx, and special guest Rowland Manthorpe, senior editor at Wired UK, talk about how even more people had their data passed to political consultancy Cambridge Analytica than previously thought, and how almost all Facebook users could have had data from their public profile “scraped” by “malicious actors.” They also discuss Microsoft’s claimed breakthrough in quantum computing and how fewer people’s jobs will be destroyed by artificial intelligence than previously thought.  (Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash.)

February 10, 2017
Daniel Lippman / Politico

Daniel Lippman / Politico  
Top Journalists Have Received Spate of Google Warns About State-Sponsored Hackers

Starting around the time of the U.S. presidential election, top journalists have been receiving warnings from Google that they are the targets of state-sponsored hackers who seek the journalists’ email passwords. Among the journalists who have confirmed receipt of these warnings, some as recently as a few days ago, are Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine, Julia Ioffe of The Atlantic, Ezra Klein, the founder of Vox, CNN senior media reporter Brian Stelter, GQ special contributor Keith Olbermann and others. Some of the journalists have been contacted by a stranger offering to help them set up encryption to protect them from hackers. Many of the journalists assume that the state sponsoring the hacking is Russia.