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May 25, 2020
Jamie Redman / Bitcoin News

Jamie Redman / Bitcoin News  
Hacker Tries to Sell 80,000 Users’ Data Purportedly Stolen From Cryptocurrency Wallets and Shopify, Companies Deny They’ve Been Breached

A hacker with a history of dubious claims is purportedly trying to sell customer information on 80,000 people that stems from companies like Keepkey, Trezor, Ledger, and even the investment platform Bnktothefuture, according to data breach monitoring service Under the Breach. Although passwords aren’t included, the hacker is offering detailed information that was stolen from an alleged Shopify breach like email addresses, home addresses, and phone numbers. The team at Under the Breach says the hacker is the same hacker who breached the Ethereum forum. Ledger and the company that makes Trezor hardware wallets deny their Shopify databases were breached. Shopify said it found no evidence of a breach.

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June 19, 2016
JP Buntinx / NewsBTC

JP Buntinx / NewsBTC  
Second “Attacker” Siphons Funds from DAO in Apparent Effort to Test Waters

A second “attacker” has implemented the same measure, known as a recursive split, to steal 22 ether from Ethereum, a cryptocurrency fund on the DAO exchange worth about .35 bitcoin or around $266, a small enough amount that experts are judging it as an effort to further test the waters. Meanwhile, DAO’s founder has laid out steps to stop the theft or minimize the gains to the attacker.

June 26, 2019
Max Boddy / Cointelegraph

Max Boddy / Cointelegraph  
Six Dutch, UK Residents Busted for Allegedly Stealing Over $27 Million in Cryptocurrency By Swiping Account Credentials via Typosquatting

Europol, in conjunction with the United Kingdom’s South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit, the Dutch police, Eurojust, and the U.K.’s National Crime Agency (NCA), has coordinated the arrests of six people based in the UK and The Netherlands suspected of stealing over $27 million in cryptocurrency. The hackers were reportedly involved in typosquatting and then recording login data that allowed them to gain access to cryptocurrency account holders’ wallets.

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June 7, 2019
Ana Alexandre / Cointelegraph

Ana Alexandre / Cointelegraph  
Hackers Stole $9.5 Million in XRP From 80 to 90 Victims on Wallet Service GateHub

Cryptocurrency wallet service GateHub announced that hackers have reportedly compromised nearly 100 XRP Ledger wallets stealing about  23,200,000 XRP worth around $9.5 million from 80–90 victims. The company became suspicious when it discovered increased application programming interface (API) calls coming from a small number of IP addresses. GateHub is still conducting an investigation.

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April 30, 2019
Ana Alexandre / Cointelegraph

Ana Alexandre / Cointelegraph  
Around $4.6 Million Stolen Via Fraudulent Electrum Bitcoin Wallet Updates, DDoS Botnet Attacking Electrum Infrastructure Climbs to 152,000 Machines

The amount of funds stolen from the popular Electrum Bitcoin wallet due to a fraudulent and malware-laden update has increased to USD $4.6 million, and the DDoS botnet that is flooding the Electrum infrastructure is rapidly growing, according to researchers at Malwarebytes. The DDoS attacks are targeted at developers who try to protect their users and has grown from under 100,000 machines to as high as 152,000 machines. The team at Malwarebytes have been able to correlate two distribution campaigns (RIG exploit kit and Smoke Loader) that are fueling the botnet by dropping malware detected as ElectrumDoSMiner. They also identified a previously undocumented loader they call Trojan.BeamWinHTTP that is also involved in downloading ElectrumDoSMiner (transactionservices.exe).

June 19, 2016
Andrew Quentson / Crypto Coin News

Andrew Quentson / Crypto Coin News  
Alleged DAO Hacker: I Didn’t Hack, I Took Advantage of The System in Place

The alleged hacker of the DAO cryptocurrency exchange told Crypto Coin News that he is not a hacker but simply took advantage of the smart contracting system to make money — namely he took advantage of something called the “Recursive Call Exploit.” Currency miners who oppose a “fork,” i.e. a move to roll back the transaction, will share in one million ether and 100 bitcoin.

August 31, 2016
Jim Finkle / Reuters

Jim Finkle / Reuters  
SWIFT Discloses More Cyber Thefts, Threatens Banks If They Fail to Upgrade

SWIFT, the global financial messaging system at the heart of an $81 million cyber theft involving the Bangladesh Bank, sent clients a letter saying there had been more, unspecified cyber heists since the discovery of the Bangladesh theft. SWIFT said it might report banks to regulators and business partners if they fail to meet a November 19 deadline for installing the latest version of its software.

July 15, 2016
Gautham / Bitcoin News Service

Gautham / Bitcoin News Service  
Blockchain-Based Social Media Network Steemit Hacked, $85,000 Lost

A Reddit-like blockchain-based social media network Steemit says it has been hacked with over 260 user accounts affected. In the process the platform lost $85,000 in its native cryptocurrencies Steem Dollars and Steem.

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August 2, 2016
Russell Brandom / The Verge

Russell Brandom / The Verge  
Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex Hacked, $61 Million Swiped

Hong Kong Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex has announced it was hacked, with $61 million stolen from various customer accounts. The digital currency exchange halted trading at 2 pm GMT.

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