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May 29, 2020
Danny Nelson / Coindesk

Danny Nelson / Coindesk  
New York Man Charged With Computer Hacking, Payment Card Trafficking and Money Laundering After Authorities Seize His Computers at Kennedy Airport

A New York City man, Vitalii Antonenko, was charged in the U.S District Court for the District of Massachusetts with conspiracy to engage in computer hacking, payment card trafficking, and money laundering, according to a federal indictment. Authorities found hundreds of thousands of stolen payment cards on Vitalii Antonenko’s computers after arresting the Ukraine native at Kennedy International Airport in March 2019. Prosecutors say that as part of a multi-pronged money laundering scheme, Antonenko worked with two co-conspirators to allegedly receive at least 114 bitcoin from one, sending about as much bitcoin to the other, and then received nearly $40,000 in cash bank deposits 10% below market rate. Antonenko also allegedly hacked an unnamed “non-profit scientific research institution” in Massachusetts.

April 22, 2020
Wolfie Zhao / Coindesk

Wolfie Zhao / Coindesk  
DForce Hacker Who Stole $25 Million Mysteriously Returns the Same Amount in Different Balance of Cryptocurrencies

The hacker who drained $25 million in Ethereum, Bitcoin, and USD Stablecoins from decentralized finance protocol dForce over the weekend sent back almost all the stolen assets over two days. The hacker returned the funds to the admin address for the Lendf.Me project, the Chinese lending platform named from which the funds were stolen. Lendf.Me uses a lending protocol by Force. The hacker did not return the same balance of assets as were stolen but returned some of the value in other types of tokens.

August 8, 2019
John Biggs, Daniel Kuhn / CoinDesk

John Biggs, Daniel Kuhn / CoinDesk  
Binance Says a Hacker Who Claims to Have Hacked the Hacker Who Stole 7,000 Bitcoin from the Exchange Is Demanding a Blackmail Payment of 300 Bitcoin

During a month-long series of conversations with CoinDesk, a hacker using the pseudonym of Bnatov Platon claimed to have allegedly hacked individuals behind an earlier hack in which 7,000 bitcoin was stolen from Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Platon produced photos that he claimed to have hacked from the hacker and then demanded a bug bounty from the exchange. Binance says that an unidentified hacker has threatened and harassed the company, demanding 300 Bitcoin, worth around $3.6 million, in exchange for withholding 10,000 photos that bear similarity to its data. Binance is investigating this case for legitimacy and relevancy.

November 29, 2019
Wolfie Zhao / Coindesk

Wolfie Zhao / Coindesk  
South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Upbit Suffered Loss of $49 Million in Ether in Unexpected Transaction

South Korean crypto exchange Upbit has lost cryptocurrency worth $49 million and suspended withdrawals and deposits for an estimated two weeks following the unexpected outflow of 342,000 ether.  Transaction tracking site Whale Alert said the lost ether was sent from Upbit’s wallet to an unknown ethereum address, starting with 0xa09871 about 04:00 UTC on Wednesday.

June 27, 2019
Daniel Palmer / Coindesk

Daniel Palmer / Coindesk  
Singapore Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitrue Hacked With Around $4.2 Million in Ripple, Cardano Currencies Stolen

Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue has been hacked for around $4.2 million in user assets, the platform announced on Twitter, with 9.3 million in Ripple currency (XRP), worth $4.01 million, and 2.5 million Cardano currency (ADA), worth $231,800, accessed and transferred off its platform. The hack occurred at around 1 a.m. local time Thursday. The company said in a tweet that “[a] hacker exploited a vulnerability in our Risk Control team’s 2nd review process to access the personal funds of about 90 Bitrue users. The hacker used what they learned from this breach to then access the Bitrue hot wallet and move 9.3 million XRP and 2.5 million ADA to different exchanges.” Users funds are insured and anyone who lost cryptocurrency would be refunded, according to the company.

May 7, 2019
Nikhilesh De / Coindesk

Nikhilesh De / Coindesk  
Large Scale Security Breach at Binance Results in Theft of 7,000 Bitcoin Worth $41 Million

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that a “large scale security breach” was discovered earlier on May 7 with malicious hackers able to access user API keys, two-factor authentication codes and potentially other information to steal 7,000 bitcoin worth around $41 million. The exchange may not yet have identified all impacted accounts although the breach only impacted Binance’s hot wallet, which contains roughly 2 percent of the exchange’s total bitcoin holdings. The exchange was frozen after the discovery and Binance said it will use its Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU fund) to cover the loss, which won’t impact users.

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December 7, 2017
Stan Higgins / Coindesk

Stan Higgins / Coindesk  
Up to 4,736 Bitcoin Stolen in Cryptocurrency Mining Marketplace NiceHash Breach

Cryptocurrency mining marketplace Nicehash said it has been hacked with user reports suggesting the attackers stole 4,736.42 bitcoin, or well over $62 million at current prices. Nicehash servers as a marketplace for miners to rent out their hashrate to others. Hash Rate is the measuring unit of the processing power of the bitcoin network, with higher hash rates yielding greater coin. Nicehash simply advised its users to change their passwords.

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January 26, 2018
Yuji Nakamura and Andrea Tan / Bloomberg Technology

Yuji Nakamura and Andrea Tan / Bloomberg Technology  
Around $400-$500+ Million Stolen From Japan’s Coincheck Cryptocurrency Exchange

One of Japan’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Coincheck, lost about $400 to $538 million in NEM tokens and has suspended withdrawals of all cryptocurrencies after a “hack” of the exchange was discovered. Around 500 million NEM tokens were “illicitly” sent outside the exchange, making this cryptocurrency theft among the biggest losses or theft since the advent of digital currencies when Bitcoin launched in 2009.

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June 20, 2018
Wolfie Zhao / CoinDesk

Wolfie Zhao / CoinDesk  
North Korea’s BitThumb Halts Deposits, Withdrawals After Hackers Steal $31 Million in Cryptocurrencies

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, South Korea’s Bithumb, has halted deposit and withdrawal services after hackers stole 35 billion won ($31 million) from the platform. The hack occurred between late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning although details about which cryptocurrencies were stolen are sketchy. Bithumb has removed all the remaining assets to a cold wallet and says it will cover any losses customers experience.

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