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October 3, 2019
Ryan Mac, Joseph Bernstein / Buzzfeed News

Ryan Mac, Joseph Bernstein / Buzzfeed News  
U.S., UK and Australian Officials Will Ask Facebook CEO to Delay Plans for End-to-End Messaging Encryption, New Data Sharing Between U.S. and UK Law Enforcement Slated for Announcement

Attorney General Bill Barr, along with officials from the United Kingdom and Australia, will publish an open letter, dated October 4, to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, asking the company to delay plans for end-to-end encryption across its messaging services until it can guarantee the added privacy does not reduce public safety. The letter is slated to be released at the same time as an announcement of a new data-sharing agreement between law enforcement in the US and the UK. The other signatories to the letter include UK Home Secretary Priti Patel, US Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan, and Australian Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton. The letter raises concerns that Facebook’s plan to build end-to-end encryption into its messaging apps will prevent law enforcement agencies from finding illegal activity conducted through Facebook, including child sexual exploitation, terrorism, and election meddling. It asks Facebook to let aw enforcement gain access to illegal content in a manageable format, and by consulting with governments ahead of time to ensure the changes will allow this access. Reuters separately reported that the new pact between the U.S. and the UK would fast track requests from law enforcement to technology companies for information about the communications of terrorists and child abusers.

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Reuters: Exclusive: U.S., UK to sign deal to get data faster from tech firms in security cases
New York Times: Barr Pushes Facebook for Access to WhatsApp Messages
Sydney Morning Herald : US, UK and Australia urge Facebook not to encrypt messages
Channel News Asia: US, allies urge Facebook not to encrypt messages as they fight child abuse, terrorism
Firstpost: U.S., allies urge Facebook not to encrypt messages as they fight child abuse, terrorism
BuzzFeed – Tech: “We are writing to request that Facebook does not proceed with its plan to implement end-to-end encryption across its messaging services without ensuring that there is no reduction to user safety.”
Engadget: DOJ will ask Facebook to halt end-to-end encryption plans
The Hill: Cybersecurity: Barr urging Facebook to halt plans for encrypted messages
CNBC: Here is AG Barr’s full letter to Facebook asking it not to make messages completely secret US, UK and Australia urge Facebook to halt plan to encrypt all user messages
Gizmodo: AG Bill Barr Is Reportedly Kicking Off a New Encryption War, With Facebook This Time
TechCrunch: Facebook is being leaned on by US, UK, Australia to ditch its end-to-end encryption expansion plan
Cyberscoop: U.S., UK, Australia to ask Facebook to delay message encryption
Columbia Journalism Review: What happens when Facebook confronts an existential threat?
Tech Insider: Attorney General William Barr will ask Facebook to delay its plans for a fully encrypted, auto-deleting messaging platform (FB)
POLITICO: U.S. and allies warn Zuckerberg on encryption plans
Vox: Facebook’s commitment to privacy is about to be tested
Fortune: AG Bill Barr, U.K., and Australian Justice Officials Want Facebook to Halt End-to-End Encryption Plan
Fortune: Facebook ‘Strongly Opposes’ Reported Letter by AG Barr That Will Ask Mark Zuckerberg to Delay Encrypting Its Apps
MSPoweruser: US DOJ pushes against end to end encryption in WhatsApp, Messenger
CNBC Technology: Here is AG Barr’s full letter to Facebook asking it not to make messages completely secret
Stars and Stripes: US authorities seek access to Facebook encrypted messaging
AP Breaking News: US authorities seek access to Facebook encrypted messaging
Slashdot: Attorney General Bill Barr Will Ask Zuckerberg To Halt Plans For End-To-End Encryption Across Facebook’s Apps
Techdirt: DOJ Using The FOSTA Playbook To Attack Encryption
The Guardian: US, UK and Australia urge Facebook to create backdoor access to encrypted messages
Justice Department: Attorney General Barr Signs Letter to Facebook From US, UK, and Australian Leaders Regarding Use of End-To-End Encryption
Justice Department: U.S. And UK Sign Landmark Cross-Border Data Access Agreement to Combat Criminals and Terrorists Online
Wall Street Journal: Barr Presses Facebook on Encryption, Setting Up Clash Over Privacy

@RMac18: Here's what Zuckerberg predicted about this fight back in July according to the leaked Facebook meeting audio obtained by @CaseyNewton
@RMac18: We were able to see a draft open letter from Bill Barr (and officials in the UK and Oz) to Mark Zuckerberg asking for Facebook to halt the roll out of e2e encryption across its apps. This may get ugly.
@mikeisaac: this barr encryption memo is a bfd
@alfredwkng: On a DoJ call, government official comments on the letter: "There are very significant concerns that law enforcement officials have if Facebook were to end-to-end encrypt all communications on its platforms"
@julianbarnes: Justice Department, backed by the UK, Australia, seeks backdoor to WhatsApp, Facebook encrypted messages. With @ktbenner @MikeIsaac
@teddyschleifer: Facebook statement on the Barr memo.
@ktbenner: AG Bill Barr and other SR officials in Australia and the UK call on Facebook to build a backdoor in WhatsApp for law enforcement/to halt a plan for end to end encryption across all FB properties
@Bing_Chris: The Barr letter to Facebook is a big deal. Government now openly discouraging proliferation of end-to-end encryption
@donie: US Attorney William Barr, as well as senior government officials from the UK and Australia, are formally asking Facebook give up on its plan to encrypt user messages across its platforms, @kevincollier reports
@willsommer: The press conference is being drowned by out by Chumbawamba. Jacob tells the security guard to remove a heckler, but the guard appears to refuse on the grounds that the man is on public property.
@kevincollier: UK official on this DOJ encryption call rn says we need to move on from the term "backdoor," though we still don't see a real way to have E2E and lawful access. These govs have been calling E2E "warrant-proof encryption."
@RMac18: We now have the full letter from Bill Barr and others to Mark Zuckerberg in our story.
@alfredwkng: A UK government official just referenced GCHQ's proposal for access to encrypted messages -- which Apple, Google, Microsoft and FB slammed in May.The pitch was: secretly add police into encrypted conversations, so they could view messages while hidden
@nytimes: Attorney General William Barr and his British and Australian counterparts are set to push Facebook for a back door to its end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp and other messaging platforms, which would give investigators access to now-secret communication
@BrendanBordelon: Hoo boy. AG Bill Barr is set to call on Facebook to delay encryption plans, and he's got backup from the UK and Australia. A new battle in the encryption wars looks dangerously close to kicking off.
@jank0: Also, isn't it a bit odd that Facebook would launch a new messaging app without end-to-end encryption half a year after Mark Zuckerberg wrote a 3000 word manifesto about encrypted messaging?
@snowden: Oh hey, turns out it's even worse; it's more than just #WhatsApp, it's all FB-owned messaging: "Attorney General William P. Barr is set to press @Facebook on Friday to create a so-called back door to its end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp ***AND OTHER MESSAGING PLATFORMS***"
@Bing_Chirs: Meh.. I think it’s different in style and substance. The overarching encryption fight is repetitive and cyclical, obviously. However, 3/5 five eyes writing a letter to Facebook asking them to abandon encryption plans feels different... no?
@zackwhittaker: A crypto reality check talk by @RonWyden on the USG's plan to backdoor WhatsApp.
@mattblaze: So about this “warrantless encryption” thing. We’ve been here before.The first time was way back in 1993, a time when the Internet was just starting to gain widespread traction and concerns about privacy and information security were on the cusp of entering the mainstream. 1/

September 10, 2019
Megha Rajagopalan / Buzzfeed News

Megha Rajagopalan / Buzzfeed News  
Period Tracker Apps Share With Facebook Highly Personal Information About Millions of Women’s Health and Sexual Practices, Privacy International

Period tracker apps, including two apps called MIA Fem and Maya, are sending deeply personal information about women’s health and sexual practices to Facebook, according to research by Privacy International. The research showed that the apps were sending women’s use of contraception, the timings of their monthly periods, symptoms like swelling and cramps, and more, directly to Facebook. The sharing occurs due to Facebook’s Software Development Kit (SDK), which helps app developers incorporate particular features and collect user data so Facebook can show them targeted ads, among other functions.  On the Google Play store, Maya, owned by India-based Plackal Tech, has more than 5 million downloads while period Tracker MIA Fem: Ovulation Calculator, owned by Cyprus-based Mobapp Development Limited, says it has more than 2 million users around the world. Both apps say they inform users they share data with Facebook.

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October 5, 2016
Rebecca Stewart / The Drum

Rebecca Stewart / The Drum  
BuzzFeed Hacked by OurMine After Article Exposing Group Alleged Member

Hacking group OurMine hacked web news site BuzzFeed, defacing some articles, reportedly because the site exposed one of OurMine’s alleged members. The group changed the headlines of some articles to read “Hacked by OurMine” and replaced the body of some articles to read “share fake news about us again.”

September 17, 2019
Tom McCarthy, David Smith / The Guardian

Tom McCarthy, David Smith / The Guardian  
U.S. Government Files Suit to Stop Edward Snowden Profiting From His New Book, Claims Failure to Submit for Pre-Publication Review, Violation of CIA, NSA Non-Disclosure Agreement

The United States government filed a lawsuit against Edward Snowden, a former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA), who published a memoir entitled Permanent Record. The lawsuit claims that Snowden published his book without submitting it to the agencies for pre-publication review, in violation of his express obligations under the agreements he signed. The lawsuit does not seek to stop the publication of the book but instead seeks to recover all proceeds earned by Snowden because of his failure to submit his publication for pre-publication review. The feds are also suing Snowden’s publisher solely to ensure that no funds are transferred to Snowden, or at his direction, while the court resolves the United States’ claims. The lawsuit is separate from the criminal charges brought against Snowden, whom the government has accused of violating the Espionage Act.

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Tweets:@Snowden @ACLU @ewenmacaskill @zackwhittaker @avilarenata @ggreenwald @Snowden @trevortimm @xor @zoetillman @freedomofpress U.S. government can’t try Edward Snowden — so it’s going after his book payout
Stars and Stripes: Department of Justice sues for proceeds from Edward Snowden’s book
The Huffington Post: Justice Department Sues Edward Snowden For Book Proceeds
ZDNet: US sues Edward Snowden over new book
BuzzFeed: The Justice Department Is Suing To Stop Edward Snowden From Making Money From His New Book And Public Speeches
CNET: Justice Department sues Edward Snowden over memoir
The Hacker News: BREAKING — U.S Sues Edward Snowden and You’d be Surprised to Know Why
SecurityWeek: US Justice Department Sues Snowden Over New Book
Newsweek: What’s in Edward Snowden’s New Book? Justice Department Sues Whistleblower Over ‘Permanent Record’
USATODAY: ‘I’m not asking for a pardon.’ Edward Snowden says he’d come home for a fair trial
Reuters: World News: U.S. wants to seize all money Edward Snowden makes from new book
AOL: U.S. sues NSA leaker Edward Snowden over new book
The Independent: US sues Edward Snowden over new autobiography describing how he leaked top-secret files US sues Edward Snowden over his new book
New York Times: U.S. Tries to Seize Edward Snowden’s Proceeds From New Memoir
ParisGuardian: Snowden Calls on France’s Macron to Grant Him Asylum
Voice of America: Snowden Calls on France’s Macron to Grant Him Asylum
The Mac Observer: The United States Sues Edward Snowden Over Book
Daily Dot: Government sues Edward Snowden for breaking a non-disclosure agreement
POLITICO: DOJ wants the profits from Edward Snowden’s new book
AP Breaking News: Justice Dept. files lawsuit against Snowden over memoir
TIME: U.S. Justice Department Sues Edward Snowden Over New Memoir
The Verge: The US government is suing Edward Snowden for his book profits
Task & Purpose: US hits Edward Snowden with lawsuit over nondisclosure agreement violations
Law & Disorder – Ars Technica: Feds seek to seize all profits from Snowden’s book over NDA violation
TribLIVE: Justice Department files lawsuit against Edward Snowden over memoir
Boing Boing: US sues Edward Snowden, ‘Permanent Record’ violates NDAs ‘signed with CIA & NSA’ says Justice Department
RT USA: Snowden book ‘violates CIA & NSA non-disclosure agreements’ – US lawsuit
The Guardian: US government files civil lawsuit against Snowden over publication of memoir
Slashdot: United States Files Civil Lawsuit Against Edward Snowden
Voice of America: US Sues Edward Snowden Over new Book, Cites Non-disclosure Agreements
The Huffington Post: Justice Department Sues Edward Snowden For Book Proceeds
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai – VICE: The US Government Is Suing Edward Snowden
The Register – Security: US government sues ex-IT guy for breaking his NDA (Yes, we mean Edward Snowden)
NBC News Top Stories: DOJ sues Edward Snowden over new memoir
News : NPR: Justice Department Sues Edward Snowden, Seeking Profits From His Book United States Files Civil Lawsuit Against Edward Snowden

@Snowden: The government of the United States has just announced a lawsuit over my memoir, which was just released today worldwide. This is the book the government does not want you to read: (link corrected)
@ACLU: This book contains no government secrets that have not been previously published by respected news organizations.@Snowden wrote this to continue a worldwide conversation about mass surveillance and free societies. This lawsuit will only bring more attention to the book.
@ewenmacaskill: Huge mistake by US govt in filing civil lawsuit against Snowden over publication of memoir. UK ban of Spycatcher 50 years ago created huge demand.
@zackwhittaker: Interesting. U.S. files suit against Edward Snowden for not submitting his new book for pre-publication review, arguing it violates the NDA he signed (and broke when he took thousands of classified files).
@avilarenata: First, they spy on us, then they persecute whistleblowers, now they ban books. Freedom? Time to organise collective readings of @Snowden book everywhere. Go, buy the book now, read it, share it, discuss it.
@ggreenwald: After the DOJ announced its repressive lawsuit to seize the proceeds of Snowden's book (good luck with that!), the book propelled its ways onto the Top 10 Best-Seller List on Amazon. Knowing @Snowden as I do, I'm certain he's duly appreciative
@Snowden: Hours after the United States government filed a lawsuit seeking to punish the publication of my new memoir, #PermanentRecord, the very book the government does not want you to read just became the #1 best-selling book in the world. It is available wherever fine books are sold.
@trevortimm: “This far-reaching censorship system simply can’t be squared with the Constitution...this system sweeps too broadly, fails to limit the discretion of government censors, and suppresses political speech that is vital to informing public debate.”
@xor: "So good, it shouldn't be legal!" –US Department of Justice.Get @Snowden 's book:
@zoetillman: DOJ can't pursue criminal charges against Edward Snowden as long as he's living in Russia — so the feds are going after his money instead
@freedomofpress: Our Executive Director @trevortimm on today's @Snowden lawsuit:“If only the Justice Department was as concerned with the systematic legal violations carried out by the US government’s mass surveillance programs as they are about trying to blunt the impact of a personal memoir.”

September 6, 2019
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai / Motherboard

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai / Motherboard  
[Updated] Apple Issues Statement on Google’s Discovery of iOS Vulnerabilities That Led to Attacks on Uighur Community, Says The Attacks Lasted for Shorter Period of Time and Were Less Widespread Than Google Researchers Suggest

Apple released a rare and defensive statement to comment on the attacks on iPhone users revealed by Google last week. Google revealed five chains of iOS vulnerabilities discovered by its security teams and described the attacks as “indiscriminate,” and potentially hitting “thousands” of people. Apple disputes minor details that Google released about the attacks saying the attacks lasted for a shorter amount of time and that they were less widespread than Google reported. Apple said that the attacks affected fewer than a dozen websites that focus on content related to the Chinese Muslim minority Uighur community. The target of the attacks had not been revealed by Google but journalists subsequently discovered they were targeted at the Uighur community. In the statement, Apple said that “Google’s post, issued six months after iOS patches were released, creates the false impression of ‘mass exploitation’ to ‘monitor the private activities of entire populations in real time,’ stoking fear among all iPhone users that their devices had been compromised. This was never the case.” In response to Apple’s statement, Google issued its own statement saying “we stand by our in-depth research.”

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Apple: A message about iOS security 
The Verge: Apple accuses Google of ‘stoking fear’ over iPhone security issues
Bloomberg: Apple Disputes Google Description of a Widespread iPhone Attack
Reuters: Apple says Uighurs targeted in iPhone attack but disputes Google’s findings
Slashdot:Apple Disputes Google’s Claims of a Devastating iPhone Hack
Quartz: Apple implies iPhones were hacked to spy on China’s Uyghur Muslims
Buzzfeed: Apple Has Confirmed Uighurs Were Targeted In Wide-Ranging Phone Hacking Scheme
Gizmodo: Apple Can Feel Its Reputation for Bulletproof Security Slipping Through Its Fingers
CNET: Apple pushes back against Google on iOS hack targeting Muslims
The Next Web: Apple claps back at Google for spreading FUD in iOS exploit report
New York Magazine: Apple Downplays Enormous iOS Security Hole That Google Found
FOX News: Apple disputes Google’s iPhone hack claim, says report ‘creates false impression’
Daring Fireball: Apple Pushes Back on iOS Security in Wake of Google’s Report
Yahoo! News: UPDATE 2-Apple says Uighurs targeted in iPhone attack but disputes Google findings
Firstpost: Apple says Uighurs targeted in iPhone attack but disputes Google findings
TODAYonline: Apple says Uighurs targeted in iPhone attack but disputes Google findings
TechCrunch: Apple doesn’t want Google ‘stoking fear’ about serious iOS security exploits
iClarified: Apple Issues Statement on iOS Exploits Found in the Wild
TechnoBuffalo: Apple responds adamantly to concerns about iOS security vulnerabilities
iMore: Apple responds vehemently to concerns about iOS security vulnerabilities
MacDailyNews: CNET reviews Apple Card: Most useful for users who love Apple Pay
Tech Insider: Apple just put Google on blast for trying to stoke ‘fear among all iPhone users that their devices had been compromised’ (AAPL, GOOG)
MacRumors: Apple Disputes Some Details of Google’s Project Zero Report on iOS Security Vulnerabilities [Updated]
Technology Review:Apple says China’s Uighur Muslims were targeted in the recent iPhone hacking campaign
The Hill: Cybersecurity: Apple says iPhone attack was targeted at Chinese Muslim minority group
Channel News Asia: Apple says Uighurs targeted in iPhone attack but disputes Google’s findings
The Hacker News: Google Uncovers How Just Visiting Some Sites Were Secretly Hacking iPhones For Years
Engadget: Apple tries to clear up Google’s claims about iOS vulnerabilities
iPhone Hacks: Apple Disputes Google Project Zero Findings, Issues Statement Highlighting iOS Security
SlashGear » security: Apple just accused Google of iPhone security fake news [Update]

@lmatsakis: It's really telling, I think, that Apple doesn't use the word "China" in this statement confirming that the iOS exploits Google discovered were used to spy on China's minority Muslim population
@josephfcox: Apple just posted a wild statement in response to Google Project Zero's findings on malicious websites pushing iOS exploits for years - confirms against Uighurs - disputes "years" deployment, says two months - pretty arrogant tone about device security
@josephfcox: The whole statement is pretty dismissive of the targeting of the Uighur minority. Notice it doesn't actually say how many devices were infected either, just tries to suggest smaller impact than Google said
@zeynep: This is a terrible statement.
@zackwhittaker: Apple has issued a rare statement about iOS security re: Google's iPhone exploits it posted last week, basically confirming my reporting about the attacks targeting Uyghur Muslims.
@lorenzofb: So, to recap.Google said the attacks on iPhones were widespread. Multiple reports say it was China hacking Uighurs.Apple confirms it was Uighurs, but doesn't say it was China.In 2009, Google wasn't scared to point finger at China. How the times change.
@markgurman: First Siri privacy issues, now Apple puts Google malware finding controversy behind it ahead of Tuesday. They’re blasting Google for posting about it 6 months after it was fixed.
@jeffstone500: Apple’s response to Google today says that massive iOS hacking operation lasted "only" months & that it was “focused,” creating the impression all this is overblown. Try telling the Uighur targets who probably have Chinese spies lurking on their phones forever.
@thehackernews: Apple says Google created the false impression of “mass exploitation” to “monitor the private activities of entire populations in real time,” stoking fear among all iPhone users that their devices had been compromised.Update added to the original story:
@BleepinComputer: Apple claims Google's Project Zero report is "stoking fear among all iPhone users that their devices had been compromised."
@JohnPaczkowski: kinda odd that google didn't mention Uighurs in that project zero post, too
@ericgeller: In a rare public statement, Apple confirms watering-hole websites used to infect Uighurs' iPhones but rejects Google's initial description ( including duration and scale.
@ericgeller: Google responds to Apple saying that Project Zero got some details wrong when it first revealed the iOS hacking campaign: "We stand by our in-depth research..."
@RMac18: Some updates:-An FBI official says the bureau has been aware of the exploit for some time and has been in contact with Apple.-Google has a statement pushing back on Apple and saying it stands by its research.
@alexstamos: Apple's response to the worst known iOS attack in history should be graded somewhere between "disappointing" and "disgusting".First off, disputing Google's correct use of "indiscriminate" when describing a watering hole attack smacks of "it's ok, it didn't hit white people."
@alexstamos: Even if we accept Apple's framing that exploiting Uyghurs isn't as big a deal as Google makes it out to be, they have no idea whether these exploits were used by the PRC in more targeted situations. Dismissing such a possibility out of hand is extremely risky.
@alexstamos: Second, the word "China" is conspicuously absent, once again demonstrating the value the PRC gets from their leverage over the world's most valuable public company.To be fair, Google's post also didn't mention China. Their employees likely leaked attribution on background.
@alexstamos: Third, the pivot to Apple's arrogant marketing is not only tone-deaf but really rings hollow to the security community when Google did all the heavy lifting here. I'm guessing we won't hear Tim talk about how they are going to do better on stage next week.
@alexstamos: This possibility that this incident might wake Apple up to their responsibilities the way Aurora impacted Google was discussed by @riskybusiness and I just a couple of days ago. I guess we have our answer.
@alexstamos: Dear Apple employees: I have worked for companies that took too long to publicly address their responsibilities. This is not a path you want to take. Apple does some incredible security work, but this kind of legal/comms driven response can undermine that work. Demand better.
@gizmodo: Apple can feel its reputation for bulletproof security slipping through its fingers
@LorenzoFB: Even former Apple security engineers think Apple's statement on this is bad.
@ShiraOvide: This is savage and good.Humility is a highly useful quality in people, and in companies.
@tqbf: Cosign all of this. Apple does astonishing technical work to secure the iOS platform, and this statement squanders the moral authority they earned.
@suka_hiroaki: Google: Hey, we found a bunch of full exploit chains for iOS, here is how to fix them. Apple: HOW DARE YOU!!!
@mattblaze: This thread from @alexstamos . I hope my friends at Apple read it very carefully. There's important, hard-earned wisdom here.
@howelloneill: There's a lot of worthwhile debate to be had over Apple's statement about this hacking campaign. One important thing it did do is confirm earlier reporting about Uighur targets. One thing it didn't do is use the word China.
@josephmenn: Unclear how Apple and Google taking Sharpies to one another is helping the Uighurs.
@josephfcox: i don't think anything has ever brought the infosec community together as much as this unanimous response to apple's statement
@SwiftonSecurity: Apple should have just taken the L and hardened their OS instead of posting this garbled statement.

August 31, 2019
Brian Barrett / Wired

Brian Barrett / Wired  
Anonymous Hacker Compromised Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Account Through SIM Swapping and Tweeted String of Racist Messages, Bomb Threats

An anonymous hacker took over Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account for 20 minutes and used it to send out a string of racist messages and bomb threats. A group that calls itself the “Chuckle Gang,” which has broken into other high-profile Twitter accounts before, apparently broke into the @jack account at 3:45 pm and sent out dozens of tweets and retweets. Other who have been attacked by these hackers blamed so-called SIM swap attacks, with a particular focus on AT&T and Twitter confirmed that Dorsey’s breach was a SIM swap as well. It’s unclear, however, how Dorsey was able to regain access to his account so quickly if the attack was a result of a SIM swap.

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Deutsche Welle: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account sent racist tweets after hack
Digital Trends: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked and used to tweet racist messages
The Hill: Cybersecurity: Hillicon Valley: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account hacked | Google found iPhone security bug | YouTube reportedly to pay up to $200M to settle child privacy investigation | DNC expected to nix Iowa virtual caucus plans
Firstpost: Twitter CEO’s hacked account sends racist tweets before being secured
Sydney Morning Herald: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account hacked, racist tweets sent
Reuters: Twitter CEO’s hacked account sends racist tweets before being secured
Channel News Asia: Twitter CEO’s hacked account sends racist tweets before being secured
The Next Web: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account has been hacked
Tech Insider: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account was hacked to send out racist tweets with the n-word and phrases like ‘Hitler is innocent’ (TWTR)
Stars and Stripes: Twitter CEO Dorsey’s account sent racist tweets after hack Twitter CEO’s Account Hacked, Defaced With Racist Posts
ZDNet: Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account got hacked
ABC News: U.S.: Twitter CEO Dorsey’s account sent racist tweets after hack
CBC: Twitter says CEO’s account sent out racist, vulgar tweets after it was hacked
TribLIVE: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hacked; account sent racist tweets
Financial Times: Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account hacked
Washington Post: Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s account hacked
SlashGear » security: Twitter CEO’s @Jack account hacked [Update] – Stuff: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account sends racist tweets after hack
CNET News: Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account hacked – CNET
New York Times: Twitter C.E.O. Jack Dorsey’s Account Hacked
The A.V. Club: Someone hacked Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account to say even dumber stuff than usual
BuzzFeed – Tech: Jack Dorsey, The CEO Of Twitter, Was Hacked On Twitter
Sky News: Twitter founder’s account hacked as racist tweets posted
Mashable: Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account hacked to spread pro-Hitler message
TORONTO STAR: Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s account hacked
Dark Reading: Attacks/Breaches: @jack Got Hacked — Twitter CEO’s Tweets Hijacked
USA Today: Twitter says it is investigating how CEO Jack Dorsey's account was compromised
Social Media Today : Hackers Gain Access to the Twitter Account of Platform CEO Jack Dorsey, Tweet Offensive Content
Vox: Jack Dorsey’s hack encapsulates Twitter’s struggle with problematic content
OneZero – Medium: Three Takeaways From the Hack of Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Account
FOX News: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s own account was hacked, used to post vulgar messages
The Verge: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account has been hacked
VentureBeat: Twitter is investigating CEO Jack Dorsey’s account being hacked
Gizmodo: Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Account Was Hacked
Evening Standard: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's own Twitter account hijacked with series of racist tweets
Daring Fireball: Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Account Was Compromised
Windows Central : Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, had his account hacked
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August 20, 2019
Tony Romm / The Washington Post

Tony Romm / The Washington Post  
Facebook Unveils ‘Off-Facebook Activity’ Tool Giving Users Leeway to Limit Data Collected About Them Elsewhere on the Web, New Controls Do Not Allow Users to Delete Data in Full

Facebook unveiled its long-awaited feature, called “Off-Facebook Activity,” which allows users to limit businesses, apps and other groups that collect data about them on the Web and pass that information to the tech giant. The feature does not, however, allow users to delete that information from Facebook in full but instead has been designed to “shed more light” on a form of online tracking that determines some of the ads people see on Facebook. Users now can choose to remove this history from their accounts and turn off some or all of that tracking in the future although these actions merely disconnect information from being identified to a specific user but do not delete it. The new controls also won’t prevent Facebook from reporting back to another business whenever users generally purchase their product after seeing an ad targeted to them. The complexity of the system likely won’t prevent privacy advocates from criticizing the company because company CEO Mark Zuckerberg implied a more robust deletion tool one year ago when he vowed Facebook would develop a “Clear History” tool.

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@geoffreyfowler: Facebook’s long-promised “clear history” tool has arrived, but it is not the data re-set we really needed.@tonyromm has the details here @posttech :’s missing? Thread -->
@kashhill: In news you can't actually use yet (unless you live in Ireland, S. Korea, or Spain), Facebook is giving you a way to make your Instagram ads way less creepy.
@ashk4n: Facebook just announced their long awaited 'Clear History' tool -- tho it only really lets you 'Disconnect Activity' (and even then its pretty limited)PR release: sheet: writeup:
@fbnewsroom: With Off Facebook Activity, you can see a summary of the info that websites and apps send to help show you relevant ads - you can also disconnect this info from your account. Learn more:
@zackwhittaker: This sounds great! But nowhere in this blog post does it say how we get it.
@ruskin147: My story on Facebook’s new “Off-Facebook Activity” tool which shows you why those shoes are following you around the Internet
@tonyromm: Zuck in 2018 used the word "flush" and other FB execs used the word "delete" but it's not exactly what's happening here, so it will be interesting to see how users and regulators react
@gcluley: Good thread here on Facebook's "Clear History" announcement.Most people won't ever turn off "Off-Facebook activity" of course.. but even if you do, you may be interested to hear what it does (and doesn't) do.
@stevekovach: The best way to clear your Facebook history is to delete Facebook
@alexhern: The clear history tool Mark Zuckerberg announced over a year ago is finally coming (except it won’t actually clear your history from Facebook’s servers)

March 3, 2016
Spencer Ackerman and Sam Thielman / The Guardian

Spencer Ackerman and Sam Thielman / The Guardian  
Silicon Valley Colleagues, Rivals and Top Technologists Formally Back Apple

Airbnb, eBay, Reddit, Twitter, Box, numerous other Silicon Valley players and at least 46 top cryptologists and computer science experts have filed amicus briefs supporting Apple in its fight with the FBI over building a backdoor into an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters.

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April 29, 2019
Craig Silverman / BuzzFeed News

Craig Silverman / BuzzFeed News  
Google Removes Dozens of Apps From Major Chinese Android Developer Do Global for Ad Fraud, Concealing Ownership

Google has begun the mass removal of apps from a major Chinese Android developer, DO Global, which is partly owned by internet giant Baidu, after a BuzzFeed investigation revealed it was committing ad fraud and concealing app ownership details from users, with 45 of DO Global’s apps removed from the Google Play store and no longer available for ad inventory for purchase via Google’s AdMob network. DO Global acknowledged and apologized for “irregularities” in its apps, and said it accepts Google’s decision and thanked BuzzFeed for its investigation.