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Latest News

2 months ago
Julian Barnes / New York Times

Russia and China in Tug-of-War Over U.S. Election, With Russia the Graver Threat, U.S. Intelligence Officials Say

Russia is using a range of techniques to denigrate Joseph R. Biden Jr., while China prefers to defeat Donald Trump, American intelligence officials said Friday in their first public assessment that Moscow continues to try to interfere in the 2020 campaign to help Trump. Even though there is a push-pull among these two leading foreign powers as to who should lead the United States, officials say Russias is the far graver threat. Russia is deploying a range of measures that are dangerous to the American body politic while China has so far signaled its position mostly through increased public criticism of the administration’s tough line on China on a variety of fronts. Mr. Evanina and other intelligence officials have expanded their warnings about election interference beyond Russia and have included China and Iran during briefings on Capitol Hill.

2 months ago
Catalin Cimpanu / ZDNet

Facebook Launches Static Analyzer Called Pysa for Finding Bugs in Instagram’s Vast Python Codebase

Facebook has formally launched today one of Instagram’s secret tools for finding and fixing bugs in the app’s vast Python codebase, a static analyzer named Pysa.  Facebook said that in the first half of 2020, Pysa detected 44% of all security bugs in Instagram’s server-side Python code.

2 months ago
Byron Tau / Wall Street Journal

Small Government Contractor Anomaly Six Can Track Movements of Hundreds of Millions of Mobile Phones Worldwide, Draw Location Data From More Than 500 Apps

A small U.S. company called Anomaly Six LLC with ties to the U.S. defense and intelligence communities has embedded its software in numerous mobile apps, allowing it to track the movements of hundreds of millions of mobile phones worldwide, according to interviews and documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. In its marketing material, Anomaly said it is able to draw location data from more than 500 mobile applications, in part through its own software development kit, or SDK, that is embedded directly in some of the apps.

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