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10 months ago
Yasmin Yablonko / Globes

Mimecast to Buy Israeli Zero-Day Specialist Solebit for $88 Million

UK data security company Mimecast is acquiring Israeli cybersecurity company zero-day malware specialist Solebit for $88 million in cash. Mimecast hopes to beef up its cyber resilience platform architecture with Solebit’s threat detection capabilities. Solebit was founded by two former Israeli Defense Force officers and had raised $13 million in venture capital prior to the Mimecast deal. Mimecast plans to keep the 35 Solebit employees in the company’s Herzliya offices as a development center.

10 months ago
Nicholas Fandos and Kevin Roose / New York Times

Facebook Uncovers New, Coordinated Influence Campaign With Some Similarities to Russia’s Internet Research Agency

In a series of briefings on Capitol Hill this week and via a public post, Facebook said it had uncovered a coordinated political influence campaign aimed at the 2018 midterm elections which bore some similarities to the kind of massive disinformation effort mounted by Russia’s Internet Research Agency (IRA) during the 2016 presidential election. But the company stopped short of attributing the campaign to Russia because this go-around the bad actors used VPNs and internet phone services, and paid third parties to run ads on their behalf, making attribution difficult even though Facebook found some connections between these accounts and IRA accounts we disabled last year. Facebook took down eight Pages and 17 profiles on Facebook, as well as seven Instagram accounts, found to be part of the new effort. More than 290,000 accounts followed at least one of these deleted pages, the earliest of which was created in March 2017, and the pages featured 9,500 organic posts created by these accounts on Facebook, and one piece of content on Instagram. The accounts created 30 events since May 2017 with the largest event garnering 4,700 accounts interested in attending, and 1,400 users said that they would attend. The accounts also purchased 150 ads for approximately $11,000 on Facebook and Instagram, paid for in US and Canadian dollars.

10 months ago
John Leyden / The Register

SamSam Ransomware Attackers Have Earned Nearly $6 Million Since December 2015

The organization-focused SamSam ransomware has earned its handlers an estimated $5.9m since it first appeared in the wild in December 2015 researchers at Sophos, working with cryptocurrency tracking company Neutrino, report. Sophos determined that around 74% of the SamSam victims are in the U.S. with the most notable SamSam victim being the city of Atlanta. Based on an analysis of payments to tracked Bitcoin wallets, the SamSam attacker has received ransoms as high as $64,000. Unlike many ransomware infections which begin with malware-laden phishing emails, SamSam is a manual break-in of a targeted network and requires heavy lifting by the attackers.

10 months ago
Zaid Shoorbajee / Cyberscoop

HP Launches Industry’s First Printer Bug Bounty Initiative with Bugcrowd

Printer maker and tech giant HP has announced the industry’s first bug bounty program for printers, a private initiative that will be managed by bug bounty platform company Bugcrowd. Although private to only researchers who are already affiliated with Bugcrowd, HP may open up its printer bounty program to the public after some experience with the private effort. HP’s primary objective is to find out more about remote access vulnerabilities. The bounties will range from $500 to $10,000 based on the severity of the bugs.

10 months ago
Dustin Volz / Wall Street Journal

DHS to Launch a New Center to Help Critical Infrastructure Sectors Cope with Cybersecurity Threats

The Department of Homeland Security is launching the National Risk Management Center, a new interagency center to help critical infrastructure industries cope with the rising tide of cybersecurity threats. The move comes as concerns grow over the Russian threat to the U.S. electric grid and follows a recent series of briefings and warnings by DHS of Russian government cyber activity in the electricity sector. DHS says the center will be a collaborative effort between private businesses and government on how to identify potential threats and guard against them.

10 months ago
Tony Leys / Des Moines Register

Iowa’s UnityPoint Health Notifies 1.4 Million Patients of Data Breach, Second Breach for the Hospital System This Year

UnityPoint Health, one of Iowa’s main hospital and clinic systems, notified about 1.4 million patients that their personal information might have been breached. Using phishing techniques, hackers broke into the company’s email systems and could have obtained medical information, such as diagnoses and treatment plans, from the emails. The hackers may have also obtained financial information, such as bank account numbers. This incident is the second breach reported by UnityPoint this year. In April, Unity Point Health notified about 16,400 patients of a separate phishing email attack.

10 months ago
Tom Barnes / The Independent

Dixons Carphone Says Ten Million Customer Records Stolen in 2017 Breach, Nearly Ten Times More Than Originally Reported

Retailer Dixons Carphone has announced 10 million customer records containing personal data may have been accessed when it was hit by a cyber attack in 2017, nearly 10 times Dixons said was affected in June, when the company announced that nearly 6 million customer bank card details were stolen in a hack, along with more than a million personal data records. Despite the massive theft, Dixons said there is no evidence the stolen data has been used in any fraudulent activity.

10 months ago
Matthew Gault / Motherboard

Valve Pulls Indie Game ‘Abstracticism’ From Steam for Allegedly Fronting a Cryptocurrency Mining Operation

Video game developer Valve pulled an indie game, Abstracticism, from its digital marketplace Steam because it was allegedly a front for a cryptocurrency mining operation. Players also say the developers used the game to generate counterfeit digital items used to scam unsuspecting customers. One red flag pointing to the mining operation in the game was the incentive in the game for players to leave the game running even when not in use with the promise of rare items. YouTuber SidAlpha followed a fan’s tip to discover the mining operation and found it triggered Windows Defender alerts and tripped anti-virus software.

10 months ago
Sean Gallagher / Ars Technica

New ‘Apple Care’ Tech Support Scam Uses Phishing Emails to Trick Targets Into Making Phone Calls

An Indian-based tech support scam uses phishing emails to target Apple users to push them to a fake website and, in a new twist, pops up a system dialog to start a phone call, all the while tricking some users into believing that their systems have been locked “for illegal activity” as a lure to getting them to make the phone call. This campaign is targeted at users with email addresses associated with Apple’s iCloud service. Scammers on the other end of the call identify themselves as working for “Apple Care.”


10 months ago
ISC StormCast

DOSFuscation; Lets Encrypt Outage; Malvertising Campaign; Keepass Correction

Johannes Ullrich talks about DOSFuscation Campaign, Let’s Encrypt Outage, Malvertising Campaign Insides.

10 months ago
Defensive Security

Podcast Episode 223

This week’s podcast discusses the SingHealth breach, LabCorp still recovering from ransomware attack, U.S. charges 12 Russian hackers and more.

10 months ago
Risky Business #508

Special guest Greg Shipley of In-Q-Tel’s Cyber Reboot

Patrick Gray and Adam Boileau recap the week’s news including COSCO Shipping hit by ransomware, Pentagon “do not buy” list, charges against SIM-swap cryptocurrency thief, Google’s launch of its own hardware security tokens, Master134 malvertising campaign and more. The guest this week is Greg Shipley of In-Q-Tel about Cyber Reboot, an initiative to push things forward in security.

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